There are no specific target numbers required  for promotion to Elder but we do know exactly what we’re looking for in a candidate for the title. We periodically record the clan’s leaderboard stats to a spreadsheet. We calculate the clan averages for donations and trophies and compare each player’s stats to the clan average. Then, we look for Member level players that trend well above the clan average.

Trophy and donation stats are averaged together so that a player who is below average in one can make up for it by being above average in the other.  The formula goes something like this:

(player donation average / clan donation average)
(player trophy average / clan trophy average)
/ 2
* 100

The resulting number represents a player’s “contribution” to the clan as a percentage of the overall average where an average player would have a score of 100%. A player whose trophy and donations are running twice the clan average would have a score of 200%.

Bottom line, keep your stats well above the clan average (120%) for about a month and the leaders will see that trend and promote you.

Elder status is a safety net. Inactivity on your account would result in a demotion to Member instead of a kick. It also protects you if some other elder goes rogue and starts kicking members for no reason. As an elder, you’re expected to approve join requests if they meet our clan’s requirements. You should also kick Members who are causing a disruption in chat.


We are constantly on the lookout for outstanding players to help share the role of clan leadership. A candidate for Co-leader will be someone who has a long record of above average performance in those measurements that we use for elders. They will also be someone with a high level of participation in clan chat, giving advice to other members and earning the respect of the entire clan.

In short, you earn a promotion to Co-leader by demonstrating leadership first.

Knowing, a player’s real identity is helpful, so participation in our Facebook group is recommended.

Demotions & Kicks

We want to keep improving as a clan. That means encouraging elders to maintain a high standard in clan participation. Elders whose contribution score trends below 80% for more than a month, will be demoted back down to Member status. Elders who are completely inactive for more than a week, may also be demoted to Member. Demoted Elders can earn back their Elder status just the same as any other member.

Members who are inactive for more than a week are subject to being kicked out of the clan. We will make an effort to contact the member but, in most cases, our communication channels are limited. Members who have been kicked may come back if they meet the current trophy requirement. It is recommended that they participate our Second Clan for a time before attempting to rejoin First Clan.