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Game Update Coming

I’ll update this post as more information becomes available so check back.

Cooperative Battle Mode / Clan Battle / Team Battle / 2v2
This is the new battle mode that was previewed last week on Radio Royale.

Officially, it’s official
Officially, it’s called “Clan Battle”
Officially, it will be here March 24th
Wanna watch some YouTubers play Clan Battle? NickatNyte has it.
Reddit is talking about it.

But wait! There’s more…  Continue reading Game Update Coming

Balance Changes Coming Monday (3/13)

No, the Royale Giant isn’t getting a nerf. Stop asking! But… a buff for the Executioner?

Executioner: Axe hit radius +10%
The Log: Damage -4%, Range to 11.1 (from 11.6)
Arrows: Projectile speed +33%
Clone: No longer resets charging troops (Princes, Sparky, etc.)
Lumberjack: Rage Duration +1.5sec and +0.5sec per level
Bomb Tower: Projectile speed +66%
Electro Wizard: No longer permanently stuns
Tornado: Can be placed on top of buildings

Supercell tries to explain each of these adjustments on their blog at ClashRoyale.com and Reddit will rip it up on /r/clashroyale.

This is the only break down that really matters:
Orange Juice Gaming

For Discussion: Policy Changes

We’re coming up on our first anniversary in First Clan and we’re quickly closing ground on the Top 200 US leader board. It’s time to look at how we run things around here and consider some changes. These apply primarily to First Clan, since leaders in the other clans are free to set their own guidelines.  However, those leaders should have similar priorities in the way they choose to run their clans.  Continue reading For Discussion: Policy Changes