Join First Clan

So you want to join THE “North Carolina” Clash Royale clan?

Here are some things you should know:

  • Most of us live in the great state of North Carolina. You don’t have to live in North Carolina but having some connection to the state helps.
  •  Most of us are adults. Kids are allowed but you’ll be expected to act like an adult. Using “adult language” doesn’t make you an adult.
  • We’re going to look at the “Total Donations” stat on your profile. We like to see big numbers there.
  • We have weekly tournaments and we invite all of our clans to participate.
  • You can talk to players in the other clans on our Slack team.

If you don’t meet this clan’s requirements, we have two other clans you can join now while you level up. All of our clans get invited to our twice-weekly tournaments and get priority when spots become available in this clan.

Finding us is not easy. There are a dozen “North Carolina” clans in Clash Royale and some use the same badge. Search for us by our clan tag and be sure to include the # sign. The search will not work without the # at the beginning.

“North Carolina” First Clan is #GQ8JRO

  • Invite only
  • 4300 trophy requirement
  • Clan Chest participation is required
  • Excellent donation history required
  • If you are a North Carolinian, please put your city in your join request.

First in Fight!

This was the first “Carolina” clan after the US launch of Clash Royale on March 2nd, 2016. I know that we were the first because I looked for another Carolina clan to join before I traded my gems to get the gold I needed to start this clan.

I come from another “North Carolina” group on Clash of Clans. That clan is #2Q22JGJ9 and I’d love to see more of those players coming over to Royale!