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For Discussion: Policy Changes

We’re coming up on our first anniversary in First Clan and we’re quickly closing ground on the Top 200 US leader board. It’s time to look at how we run things around here and consider some changes. These apply primarily to First Clan, since leaders in the other clans are free to set their own guidelines.  However, those leaders should have similar priorities in the way they choose to run their clans.  Continue reading For Discussion: Policy Changes

Discussion: New Elder Guidelines

These new guidelines are not yet in effect. Your feedback would be appreciated.

The leaders have been discussing our policies related to promotion and demotion. It is our goal to use the rank of Elder to recognize the players who are major contributors to our clan’s success. We also want reward those players whose contributions are ongoing. It is for that reason that we are recommending two changes to the clan’s promotion policy. Continue reading Discussion: New Elder Guidelines

Squad Goals

What is it going to take to get on the US leaderboard?

For the last week, I’ve been tracking our clan score against the 200th position on the US clan leaderboard. I wanted to know if it was even possible for our group to make it onto that list. There is a lot of variation in both numbers, some days we’re getting closer and some days we’re falling behind. Currently, we are 6,488 trophies away from the top 200 and 863 trophies further away than we were a week ago. Is it possible to turn that around? Continue reading Squad Goals

Thoughts on Donations

The case for making card donations

Here’s the thing, you don’t have to play Clash Royale very long before you discover that gold is a major limiting factor in your progress. A lot of experienced players save up their gems to buy gold because upgrades get to be very expensive. You’ll look at your cards and see a dozen of them waiting to be upgraded because you can only afford to upgrade the ones that you use a lot. What do you do with the rest? Continue reading Thoughts on Donations