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Big Update Coming! (9/19)

Balance Changes!

Get ready for the mirror to change everything! Is that an overstatement? Check out the links below and judge for yourself.

Get the details here: ClashRoyale.com Release Notes

  • Reddit is talking about it here
  • Orange Juice Gaming breaks it down on YouTube
  • Chief Pat talks about the changes on YouTube too
  • More YouTube analysis from The Rum Ham
  • Even more YouTube analysis from Clash with Ash

SNEAK PEEK #1 – New Chests

Get the details here: ClashRoyale.com Sneak Peeks

Legendary Chest: Contains a Legendary Card from any Arena
Epic Chest: Contains only Epic Cards
New special offer card stacks to the Shop for newly released cards, to help you get up and running when they’re released
New “Arena Packs” in the Shop, which are special one-time offers available upon reaching a new Arena.

  • Reddit is talking about it here
  • Orange Juice Gaming a lot more info on YouTube
  • Chief Pat shows you how it works in the game on YouTube as well
  • Clash with Ash is opening the new chests on YouTube

SNEAK PEEK #2 – New Cards

The Mega Minion (3 elixir, Rare) will be available soon, then a new card will be released every two weeks.
Soon you’ll be able to see when your friends are online/offline, and spectate their battles. You will also be able to challenge your friends to a Friendly Battle from the friends list.

  • Reddit is talking about it here
  • Orange Juice Gaming shows you the Mega Minion’s interactions on YouTube
  • Chief Pat plays the Mega Minion on YouTube
  • Clash with Ash offers his Mega Minion insights on YouTube too

SNEAK PEEK #3 – Tournament Changes

In the new Challenge Modes, 12 wins unlocks the top prize, 3 losses and you’re out. Classic Challenge (10 Gems to enter, top prize of 2000 Gold and 100 cards), Grand Challenge (100 Gems to enter, top prize of 22000 Gold and 1100 cards)
The old tournaments are now called “Custom” Tournaments and they have reworked and simplified tournament creation, reducing both Gem prices and prizes.
Also, excess Crowns will overflow from one Crown Chest to the next, if you have one waiting.

  • Reddit is talking about it here
  • Orange Juice Gaming ‘s detailed and concise overview is on YouTube
  • Chief Pat dives deep into Challenge modes on YouTube
  • Clash with Ash breaks it all down on YouTube