Join Second Clan

“North Carolina” Second is the main feeder for our primary clan!

Here are some things you should know:

    • Most of us live in the great state of North Carolina. You don’t have to live in North Carolina but having some connection to the state helps.
    • Most of us are adults. Kids are allowed but you’ll be expected to act like an adult. Using “adult language” doesn’t make you an adult.
    • We’re going to look at the “Total Donations” stat on your profile. We like to see big numbers there.
    • We have weekly tournaments and we invite all of our clans to participate.
    • You can talk to players in the other clans on our Slack team.

If this clan is full, we have a third clan you can join. All of our clans get priority when spots become available in First Clan.

Finding us is not easy. There are a dozen “North Carolina” clans in Clash Royale and at least one with the same badge. Search for us by our clan tags, include the # sign. The search will not work without the # at the beginning.

“North Carolina” Second Clan is #8LLC9UP

  • Invite only
  • 1800 trophy requirement
  • Clan Chest participation is required
  • Good donation history required
  • If you are a North Carolinian, please put your city in your join request.