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Coming Soon: Tournament Night!

It’s the next step in the evolution of our NC Clan Tournament

Tonight at 9pm EDT, Vlee will take on ThinMints in a best two out three set of matches to be the first ever NC clan tournament champion. I hope this first tournament has a been a fun little sideline activity in your overall Clash Royale experience. 1SickKnave did a masterful job setting up the bracket and keeping it updated. Now, we’d like your help to make the next tournament even better. Continue reading Coming Soon: Tournament Night!

Technicolor Clan Chat

How to use COLORS in clan chat

In your battles, you may have noticed some players with colored names. It was recently discovered that Clash Royale has some specialized markup that changes the color of the text. You should be very careful when using these color tags to change your player name. You can only change it one time and you could get stuck with an error. However, you can safely use these tags in clan chat. Continue reading Technicolor Clan Chat