Inaugural Clan Tournament

Everyone was seeded into our first ever clan tournament on March 13, 2016. Here’s the bracket. Details on how it was run are in the comments below. Thanks to 1sickknave for putting it together and keeping it updated!

One thought on “Inaugural Clan Tournament”

  1. Since this was our first clan tournament in a brand new game we’re breaking a lot of new ground here. Everyone was seeded by their leaderboard trophy count at the start of the tournament. Each round lasts three days to give the players time to find each other complete the match.

    We quickly discovered that this was going to be a problem and we would need a way to advance players for matches that weren’t played. We would have preferred to advance the players that were attempting to find their opponent in chat but having eyes on the chat 24/7 was difficult and there were matches were both or neither attempted to complete the match. We decided on a formula to determine who advances that takes trophies and donations into account. We cut the donation part of the formula because that number can be skewed very easily.

    (leaderboard donation count / 10) * leaderboard trophy count

    This was still not a perfect solution but it got us through this first tournament. Do you have ideas on how to improve the next tournament? Leave’em in the comments.

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