Your Trophy Count and the “Clan Score”

Understanding  “Clan Score” can help you set personal goals.

In Clash Royale, clans are ranked by their Clan Trophies. This number appears at the top of the clan chat screen. Tap the “i” next to this score and you’ll see more clan stats and the same number referred to as “Clan Score.” Confusingly, Supercell also refers to this number as “Clan Points” in their support documentation. It doesn’t matter what you call it, but it does  help to understand how it is calculated.

You might think it’s just a total, or maybe an average of the trophy counts of all the players in the clan. You would be incorrect, it’s a little more complicated. A percentage of each player’s trophies are counted towards the clan total and that percentage is weighted by the player’s rank in the clan.

rank in the clan amount of trophies counted in the clan score
1-10 50%
11-20 25%
21-30 12%
31-40 10%
41-50 3%

So the player ranked in 10th place will have twice as many of his trophies counted towards the clan score as the player in 11th place. The number of trophies separating those two players is probably very small but the difference in trophies counted toward the clan score is significant.

For most players, your goal is not to be #1 in the clan, it is to claw your way into the next group of 10!

If you’re in 41st place and you can make the jump to 40th you will more than triple the amount of your trophies counted towards the clan score!

Here’s the alternative argument though. Isn’t that just moving players around? When one player moves up they’re just pushing another one down. The change in the clan score is actually minimal. That’s true, but the drive to move into the next tier of players is a rising tide that lifts the entire clan. Competitive pressure from the bottom causes higher tier players push their trophies even higher. And those players at the very top are the ones driving our clan up the leaderboards.

Source: Supercell Support

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