Tournament Night in First Clan!

Update: Since Supercell launched their tournament feature, interest in our old bracket-style tournaments has fallen way off. We will use monies contributed for prizes to start new Supercell tournaments unless the contributors would rather have the money returned.

The next First Clan tournament is:
July 18th at 8pm

Pre-register for this tournament at

This tournament will be double elimination and seeded by each player’s leaderboard position at the start of the tournament. We’ll be using “Traditional” seeding. Double elimination means that you get a second chance. If you get defeated in the first round, you can mount a comeback in the losers bracket. The championship round will be best two out of three.

Let’s make this interesting…
A prize will be awarded in the form of a Apple App Store or Google Play Store gift card (winner chooses). This gift code will be delivered by email at the end of the tournament. Do you want to make it even more interesting? Use the PayPal “Donate” button below to send me money. I’ll update the prize amount and list of contributors all week long.

Current Prize Total: $10
$5 from Giganton
$5 from CrazyAssassin

Want more information?
Read the complete rules on our tournaments page.

Supercell is not affiliated with, does not endorse, nor is it responsible for, the content of this tournament, site or other materials related to this event.

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