Chest Management

Alway Be Opening!

As with Clash of Clans, you need to make efficient scheduling decisions to get the most from your limited resources. In Clash Royale, those resources come from chests and you want them to always be opening!

Free Chests

These are the easiest. A new Free Chest is available every four hours and you can stack two. You really don’t have to do anything but make sure that you open these every eight hours. If you have your notifications on for the app then this is pretty easy. The only place you could lose some time is while you’re sleeping so just make sure you open them both before you go bed.

Crown Chests

A new Crown Chest is available 24 hours after you open one AND score at least one crown. That is the part you have to remember. You need to battle and win at least one crown after opening a Crown Chest. That first crown starts the clock for the next chest but you have 24 hours to earn the other nine. You can battle to win all ten trophies immediately if you want to but there’s no time gained back in doing that.

All crowns count toward the Crown Chest, even when you lose a match. If you can drop at least one of your opponent’s towers, that’s a “win” as far as your Crown Chest is concerned. If my trophy count is low, I’ll go ahead and do the battles to open the chest. If my trophy count is high, I’ll just battle to keep my other chest slots full and not risk losing too many trophies. Most of the time, that chest will open within the 24 hour period without any extra effort.

Chest Slots

The Silver, Gold, Giant, Magical and Super Magical chests open at different rates. The main thing to consider here is sleep. You don’t want a chest to open while you’re asleep at night. If that happens then the hours until you wake up are lost. Here’s my rule:

Silver Chests are daytime chests. Gold Chests are bedtime chests.

These are the two chests that you’ll be dealing with most often. I open Silver Chests during the day. If I start opening a Silver Chest before I go to bed, it will open in three hours and I’ll be asleep for eight hours. That’s five lost hours. Also, I’m playing during the day so I want those slots open as frequently as possible. If a battle is adding to my trophy count, adding crowns to my Crown Chest AND filling an empty chest slot, that is the most efficient use of my playing time.

It takes eight hours to open a Gold Chest, so that is the perfect one to start before I turn in for the night. Sometimes the Gold Chests will back up and I’ll have 3 of them at a time. In that case, I’ll start a Gold when I wake up too. There’s nothing wrong with starting a Gold Chest during the day unless it’s going to open when you’re asleep.

Giant Chests and Magical Chests take 12 hours and I treat them like Gold Chests. I’ll start them either first thing in the morning or right before going to bed. Again, just look at the unlock time and do the math. Is the chest going to open while you’re asleep? Then start it some other time.

Super Magical Chests take 24 hours to open so if you’re awake when you start it, you’ll probably be awake when it opens. I like to have a couple of slots open when I start a Super Magical Chest. Otherwise, all of my chest slots are going to be full for more than a day and for some reason that stresses me out.

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