To see the future: Chest Tracking

Like most Clash Royale players I’m always curious as to what chests are coming my way. Yes, everyone knows that there’s a particular order that has long been discovered deep in the game code by members on Reddit. However this didn’t stop me from wondering if there was a way I could track what chest was next and when my next Giant or Magical chests were due. It was this curiosity that led me to believe that in this day and age, like everything else, there’s an app for that.

Now just give you a little background, the way this works is that there is a particular set cycle of chests that you recieve one after another from every battle that you win, provided that you have an open slot. Within the game there’s a cycle of 240 chests that start after your 6 beginner wooden chests that are made of gold, silver, and magical chests. Now, any genuinely dedicated individual could manually track with pen and paper the position of these chests in the order that they’re coming in. Of course that would require you to know exactly where you are in the cycle and never forgetting to you have your paper handy to write down what chest came with your last win.

Luckily for you and I, a quick visit to the App Store or Google Play Store and you can avoid all this headache with a simple chest tracking app. Originally, I downloaded the first chest tracker that I saw and gave it a whirl. Of course, I didn’t know where I was in the cycle so I had to wait until I had a win that produced a magical chest. Fast forward a few days and I finally win my second magical chest, and using that as a starting point gives an exact position within the chest cycle for me to program the tracker. From here on out it’s smooth sailing. All I have to do is win a round, open the app, click the button that says “I got a chest”, and it automatically cycles through telling me what my next 4 chests are going to be. Fantastic.


I continue on for the next few weeks winning rounds hitting the button knowing what I’m getting, setting gold chests to the side to open overnight and opening silver during the day. That is great, but I come to a point where I realize I have two chest slots dedicated to gold and I only run two silver spots during the day. In another week or so I realize I have 3 slots of gold chests and one of silver. Is it possible that my knowledge of the rotation is working against me and actually slowing down the opening in my chest? Coincidence or not it surely feels as if it is.


Just as I began to believe that it was having a negative effect, for some unexplainable reason the chest tracking app that I’ve been using for over a month mysteriously decides to start force closing on my phone, rendering it totally useless.

I can assume that there’s a group of players who don’t wish to know the rotation or feel that it takes away from the game. On some levels I can agree with that (of course the super magical chest still fall in a random drop rate outside of the chest cycle) and knowing when and what you’re getting could easily take the thrill out of it. Try as I may, I cannot get the app to stop crashing, so after a few rounds without it I can only blindly guess and I’m quickly lost in the rotation. I slowly free up more chest slots and patiently wait until I win another magical chest so that I can try again with another chest tracking app.


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