Blame Monday! How Legendary Arena seasons affect all players

This time, it’s not in your head

It is very possible that you will be matched unevenly today, especially if you are in Arena 7. Last night, the Legendary Arena was reset. Every two weeks, everyone in the Legendary Arena has their trophies reset to 3000. Players who had 4000+ trophies on Sunday are now at 3000 trophies and they have to battle their way back up the Legendary ladder.

Fun for them, but it has a domino effect into lower arenas

When all of these high level players get compressed, the stronger ones win their matches and begin to rise again, The weaker ones lose their matches and, temporarily, fall back into Arena 7. Now, you’ve got players with 3500 on their highest trophies stat competing with a guy was feeling pretty good about himself yesterday at around 2800 in Arena 7. I bet you can guess what happens to that guy. He ends up on a losing streak and finds himself competing several hundred trophies down again. Now, the player that was at 2500, is wondering why his matches are so unfair and his trophy count slips as well.

Normally, this would all sort itself out in a day or two

This time, we have  a balance update coming on Tuesday. This will certainly force a lot of players to reconfigure their decks and create even more chaotic looking match-ups.

Play through it

Now that you know that the game itself is in a state of disorder you can shrug it off. Things will get better in the second half of the week and you will be pushing your trophy count to new highs again. Use this time to figure out how the balance changes have affected your deck and experiment with some new ones.

At the very least, you need to play every few hours to make sure you always have a chest opening. Don’t let frustration over player matching prevent you from opening chests and adding more cards to your collection. In the long run, that is what is going to get YOU into Legendary Area.

Pro Tip: Want to know when the next Legendary Arena reset will be?  Just tap the trophy icon on the Battle screen. It’s right there at the top of the global players leaderboard.

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