Balance Changes Coming 11/30

Supercell continues to play whack-a-mole with the meta. They undo a couple of previous balance changes and give the Mega Minion a pretty solid smack down!

These are the changes that will be live on Tuesday:

Mega Minion: Damage decreased by 6%, Hit Speed decreased to 1.4sec (from 1.3sec)
Elixir Collector: Production Speed increased to 8.5sec (from 9.8sec), Lifetime decreased to 70sec (from 80sec)
Poison: Damage increased by 10%
Tombstone: Spawn Speed decreased to 2.9sec (from 2.5sec)
Lava Hound: Lava Pup Hitpoints decreased by 1%

Get the details here: Release Notes

Reddit is talking about it on r/clashroyale
Orange Juice Gaming: YouTube
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I’ll update the links above when more YouTubers weigh in with their analysis of these changes.