Better Team Chat, join Slack!

We want to see everyone in our new Slack Team!

Reasons why in-game chat sucks: 

  1. It’s gone after a few hours. What deck changes did that other player recommend after your friendly match? GONE!
  2. The SuperCell “Magic” font. Terrible.
  3. It’s cluttered with match results and card requests.

Reasons why SLACK chat is taking over the World:

  1. Much longer chat history. Scroll back to conversations from days ago
  2. Chat with players from all of our clans.
  3. Granular notification settings. Get all the notifications, only when you’re tagged, or none at all, you’re in complete control.
  4. Side conversations, you can have a 1-on-1 clinic with another player.
  5. Leaders can send you a direct message before kicking you if your account appears inactive.
  6. Set up specific channels for special events and topical discussions.
  7. You can edit your messages, you’re not stuck with embarrassing typos.
To join our Slack team, we need to send you an invite

We just need an email address. Fill out this short form:
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