Underreported Features in Today’s Update

New cards are grabbing the headlines but there are some other new features in the update that you may have missed. Here are two that are going to help you discover and implement new decks and strategies. This is where you should look the next time you need to break a losing streak.

New TV Royale Channels!

Now TV Royale has “Channels” so that you can tune in matches from specific arena levels.

Channel Selector

Before this update, TV Royale featured the top players in the Legendary Arena. It was interesting for about 10 minutes, then I got bored with watching these titans smash each other with max level cards that I don’t have. Now, I can find players competing in the arena just above the one that I’m in.

The benefit of this one new feature is two-fold. Not only can I see what decks are winning for players in the arena that I’m trying to push into, I can also see how they are used! This is a major breakthrough. By the time a deck hits some YouTuber’s stream, it’s already becoming over-used in the game and players are adapting to counter it. In TV Royale, you will certainly see the popular decks and you’ll probably find unique decks that match up well against them.

This is even better than spectating on “Friendly” matches. Those battles aren’t matched by trophy count, and they’re playing “Tournament” rules with caps on card levels. TV Royale is where you’re going discover decks and strategies that are relevant to your level, right now.

Download that deck!

What do you do when you find a player on TV Royale running a deck that you want to try? You steal it! That’s easier than ever with the new “Copy Deck” button on the player profile screen.


Tap the button next to the player’s battle deck and you’ll get an option to choose which of your decks you want to copy it to. If the button is grayed out, then the deck features a card you haven’t discovered yet.

In a rut? Get an new deck!

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