Discussion: New Elder Guidelines

These new guidelines are not yet in effect. Your feedback would be appreciated.

The leaders have been discussing our policies related to promotion and demotion. It is our goal to use the rank of Elder to recognize the players who are major contributors to our clan’s success. We also want reward those players whose contributions are ongoing. It is for that reason that we are recommending two changes to the clan’s promotion policy.

  1. Elder is not a rank for “average” players. Therefore, a member must be contributing significantly above the clan averages for a significant period of time to be considered for promotion
  2. An elder should be expected to continue contributing to the clan’s success in order to maintain their rank.

For a long time, we’ve used a math based guideline for promotions. It is a score that considers trophy count and donations equally and compares them to the average for the whole clan. This makes promotion achievable for EVERY member. Players with a low trophy count can donate their way to a score that makes them eligible for Elder status. This formula also eliminates bias on the part of the leaders. Players who meet the standard, get promoted. Here’s how it works:

(player donation average / clan donation average)
(player trophy average / clan trophy average)
/ 2
* 100

The resulting number represents a player’s “contribution” to the clan as a percentage of the overall average where an average player would have a score of 100%. A player whose trophy and donations are running twice the clan average would have a score of 200%.

The new guideline for promotion to Elder is to maintain a score of 125 for a period of four weeks.

In simple terms, this is player whose combined trophy and donation score is 25% better than the average player in our clan. The period of four weeks is  needed to determine if the player’s activity is a part of their overall playing style and ethic. We’ve promoted players after two weeks only to see their activity drop immediately after being promoted.

The new requirement for maintaining Elder status is a score of 85

This is a player who is not meeting even the average for the clan. We know that everyone has an off week, so we’d be looking for a trend in below average performance that lasts for more than four weeks before considering demotion.

The new guideline for being removed from the clan is one week of inactivity.

If we do not see any change in a player’s trophy or donation count for 3-4 days, we will begin to inquire in clan chat to see if anyone can reach out to the player and get them back into the game. If we can’t contact the player and the numbers continue to remain unchanged, we will take action after one week of inactivity.

  • Inactive Elders will be demoted
  • Inactive Members will be removed from the clan

Logically, a demoted elder is now a member and if they remain inactive for another week, they will be removed.

For now, inactivity is the only thing that would result in removal from the clan. Even inactive players will only be removed at the leader’s discretion as required to make room for new players.

Players who are rude or otherwise obnoxious in clan chat are subject to being kicked immediately.

At some point, this policy may need to be amended to allow for the removal of low performing players, or even high performing players who refuse to donate. This is something the leaders will continue to monitor and discuss.

What’s so great about being an Elder anyway?

  • For the most part, we’re all relative strangers in this group. Any one of you could go off the rails and start kicking players. If you’re an elder, you can only be kicked by a co-leader.
  • You get that bonus week of inactivity if you happen to go on a long vacation and you forget to mention it.
  • You get to accept and reject new players.
  • You’re the frontline against trolls in game chat. Kick them!
  • Just like carrying a rank in any organization, it is a sign of your game performance and leadership.

What do you say NC Clan? Tell the leaders what you think of these new guidelines in the comments below.

Also, should we make a portion of the spreadsheet with the members scores public so that you can see where you stand?

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  1. Alright, we’ve had a couple of weeks to reflect on this change. It seems that there’s no opposition to it. Starting Monday, we’ll be tracking lower than average participation against elders. Demotions will start in four weeks.

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