Power Rankings Are Here!

We’re reaching out to EVERY Clash Royale player in the state of North Carolina! We’re not trying to recruit you. We just want to build a system to recognize the best players in the state, regardless of what clan they are in.  

What are the NC Power Rankings?
We will regularly chart the top players in the state. The ranking period and metrics are still being discussed. Want to be involved in the discussion? You can help shape the NC Power Rankings by joining our Slack channel or our Facebook Group.

How do I get ranked?
The final ranking method will probably be a combination of player profile stats (ex: trophies) and weekly tournament performance. Members of the NCroyale.com family of clans automatically get tournament details inboxed to them in the game. Other players can Register here to get an invite in your email.

When are the tournaments?
Our clans have had regular weekly tournaments for more than a year now. We’ve surveyed clan members and tried holding tournaments on different days and at different times. We know there is no time that will work for everyone but we’ve found that Mondays at 9pm get the highest level of participation.

How will I know if I’m ranked?
At the end of each ranking period the results will be posted on this website. The Power Rankings may also be emailed to registered participants.