Quick Tip: Tower Sniping

Spoiler alert: This is not going to end well for Cam’s opponent.


The decisive rocket is not decisive if you don’t know how much tower damage it does. That goes for other long range weapons like Lightning, Fireball, Arrows and even Zap. If you want to hit that half court buzzer beater for the win you’d better check out how much damage they do to towers.

This is basic, most weapons do less damage when used against a tower than when used against troops. Let’s look at the stats for Cam’s opponent.


You can see that this level 8 Rocket does “Area Damage” of 1351. That means any deployed troops or buildings inside the 2 block radius of it’s landing zone is taking 1351 damage. It’s pretty deadly, but its “Tower Damage” is less than half of that at 541. That is why Cam got the win even though the rocket landed first. The tower still had 663 and survived with 122 health.

I play Arrows and Lightning in my main deck. My arrows do 118 tower damage. I know that if I have an opponent’s tower close to 100, I can try my next push on the opposite side if I can hold my Arrows until just before overtime. BUT, my arrows are L11 so in tournament play they only do 98 tower damage.

Don’t panic! If you forgot a card’s tower damage, or you’re trying new deck you can always press and hold the cards on your screen to get a quick peek at the stats.

TLDR: Learn the tower damage stats for your long range cards in standard and tournament play so you’ll know when you can hit a game winning shot.

Credits: Cam for sharing the match. Big Time for pointing out how important it is to know your rocket stats. CrazyAssassin for the for the in-game stat check tip and MSantiago for fact checking.