Squad Goals: Update

Back in April I asked, “What will it take to get on the Top 200 US Clan Leaderboard?” We started floating our trophy requirement to match the average trophy count for the clan, we set up a new feeder clan and we started tracking our progress in a spreadsheet.

Here we are six months later and how are we doing?

The Top 200 US Leaderboard is a moving target. The clan trophies required to capture that 200th spot is a little higher every week. Back in April it was 21,233 and we had 15,608. We were 5,625 trophies away. That was a significant gap.

Today the 200th clan on the local leaderboard has 35,975 and we have 33,304. That’s a difference of 2,671.

We are now 2,954 trophies closer to our goal than we were in April!

During this time, the reset score for the ladder changed from 3,000 to 4,000. This means that top players in top clans were having their scores reset 1,000 points higher every two weeks. This had the potential to expand the range for the players at the top and push the leaderboard further away from us. The impact has been minimal, we’re still getting closer after the change.

So what’s next?

Step 1: Keep Pounding
If we just keep doing what we’re doing we will get there!

Step 2: Add another Clan
We have been actively trying to recruit other North Carolina Clans to join our group. We don’t need their players! Just expanding the NCroyale.com family makes us more attractive to top tier players. It also makes our twice weekly tournaments more fun because it brings new rivalries and faster matching.

Alternately, we may just start another clan on our own. We’ve had great success with our second clan. It’s a fun and competitive group that has brought in some of the best players we have.