Balance Updates Coming 11/1

We have a small set of balance changes arriving on Tuesday

Ice Spirit: Freeze duration decreased to 1.5sec (from 2sec)
Ice Golem: Death Damage increased by 74%
Rage: Effect increased to 35% (from 30%)
Lumberjack: Rage effect increased to 35% (from 30%)
Inferno Tower: Hitpoints decreased by 6%

Get the details here: Release Notes

Reddit is talking about it on r/clashroyale
Orange Juice Gaming: YouTube
Chief Pat: YouTube
Molt: YouTube
NickatNyte: YouTube

I’ll update the links above when more YouTubers weigh in with thier analysis of these changes.
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What is that? An Epic Tornado? Does it drop a house on witches!?!

Reddit is talking about it on r/clashroyale
Chief Pat: YouTube
NickAtNyte: YouTube