Four New Cards and a New Arena!

There will be a major game update on December 15th. “Sneak Peeks” are currently incoming on the official Clash Royale blog.

Click past the jump, we’ve got links to all the news, analysis and gameplay videos.

Jungle Arena
Unlocks at 2600 trophies, Available January 13th

YouTubers Showing it off:
nickatnyte with GAMINGwithMOLT
More nickatnyte
Chief Pat
Clash with Ash
Orange Juice Gaming

Four New Cards
The first one will be the “Dart Goblin” available on January 13th. Another new card will be released every two weeks.

YouTubers play testing the new cards:
Clash with Ash (all four cards)
GAMINGwithMOLT (all four cards)
The Rum Ham (all four cards)
Orange Juice Gaming (all four cards)
Wwoody123 (all four cards)
Chief Pat with nickatnyte (dart goblin)
Chief Pat with nickatnyte (battle ram)
Chief Pat with nickatnyte (goblin gang)
Chief Pat with nickatnyte (executioner)

Clan Chest
You and your clan mates must work together to add crowns to your “Clan Chest” to unlock the maximum rewards.

Other News and Features in this update

  • Your inbox is getting a new look and will now be called “News Royale.”
  • Request and donate Epic Cards every Sunday
  • Epic Card price cut in half
  • Epic Chests will give more cards and scale with your current arena.
  • New clan challenge starts 12/19. Win crowns to build up your clan’s chest.
  • Special event challenge will feature a card “draft” format.

Orange Juice Gaming explains Epic Card Changes
Orange Juice Gaming explains the Clan Chest Challenge
Chief Pat explains Epic Card Changes
Chief Pat explains the Clan Chest Challenge
nickatnyte explains Epic Card Changes
nickatnyte and GAMINGwithMOLT explains the Clan Chest Challenge

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Also, leaked release notes at
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I’ll update this post as more information becomes available