We’re Looking for a Few Good Clans!

We’re growing. The NCroyale family of Clash Royale Clans is strong and we want to keep getting stronger. We’re not just looking for top players, we’re looking for entire clans to join with us. This isn’t about shuffling players around between clans, it’s about building a strong group of clans that will be more fun for players at every level and challenge the game’s leaderboards at the top. 

If you are currently a leader or co-leader of a clan, you might be skeptical. What would your clan gain by joining up with NCroyale.com and what would it lose?

Let’s start with what you’ll lose…

  • Your top players? No! We already have a feeder clan for our top clan. We don’t need to steal your players. We know how to set up another feeder clan if we decide that we need one.
  • Your autonomy? No! You already have a successful clan, we don’t need to tell you how to run it. We don’t have time to manage another clan anyway.

Let’s talk about what you’ll gain…

  • Positioning on this website. We’ll post your clan’s recruiting information and promotion policies at the top of this website. One member of your clan will be given permission to add articles to this site.
  • Multi-clan chat. Every member of your clan is eligible to join our Slack team. One member of your clan will also be added to the leaders channel there. If your players want to get strategies and help from a larger community they can. And, your leaders can talk to other leaders about how to improve and grow your clan.
  • Weekly tournaments. We have at least one tournament every week that is open to the members of all of our clans.
  • Cred. You’ll will find that it is easier to recruit and retain higher level players when you’re a part of a larger organization and not just another clan among thousands

What do the existing NCroyale.com clans gain?

  • More exciting tournaments. With three clans we can usually fill a tournament halfway (25/50). Lower level players tend to drop out because they feel they can’t win against the more experienced ones.  We’d like to fill those tournaments so that the matching goes faster and there are more players at every level. We could “open” the tournaments but it’s more fun when you see the same names every week and friendly rivalries can develop.
  • Larger community. The more people we can get connected through our chat channels, the more interesting that community will be. We believe that strong players, make each other stronger and by interacting in chat and in tournaments all of them will continue to climb the leaderboards. As leaders, we want the input and experience of other leaders to show us how we can build up the entire group.
  • Cred. We’re three clans now. If we were 5 or 6 clans then we’d look even more impressive to top level players. Again, we don’t want to take away your players but we do want to recruit high level players from the outside.


First, you need to understand that we are defined by geography. We were the first “Carolina” clan in Clash Royale. I know this, because I tried to find another Carolina clan to join before I started one. We don’t require all players to be residents of North Carolina but we don’t want to lose our identity either. North Carolina is our name and our brand.

Your clan should already be named “North Carolina.” Clan names can’t be changed. If your clan isn’t named “North Carolina” or clearly NC related then, I’m sorry, but that’s a deal breaker for us.

We need to be able to contact your clan’s leadership outside of the game. Ideally, one leader or co-lead will have the Slack app installed and notifications on so that we can contact you if we need to. Other communication methods may be considered but Slack is our preference.

We need you put on the “team jersey.” Change your clan badge to the red, white and blue one that resembles the North Carolina state flag.  Also, add our web address (NCroyale.com) somewhere in your clan’s description.

If you’d like to take the next step, then please fill out the interest form linked below:

New Clan Contact Form

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