Clan Chest Pacing

It’s cool to rush the Clan Chest and grind it out to see how early we can get it open. However, it may actually be better to pace it out here’s why… 

There is no benefit in opening the Clan Chest early. If you get the Level 10 reward on Day 1 or on Day 3, it’s the exact same payout. However, there is one big drawback.

Every member of the clan needs to get a chance to add at least one crown to the chest.

Anytime a clan member gets a chest, it’s good for the whole clan. Even If he gets cards he doesn’t use, he can donate them. It’s really easy for a player to take a day or two away from the game. The clan chest is only available for 3 days total.

We’re all working together to open the clan chest, don’t let any clan members get excluded. Every person that doesn’t add a crown to the clan chest is throwing away 2% of the clan’s total reward. If 10 people miss it, that’s throwing away 1/5 of the reward! Let’s minimize the chances of that happening by giving clan members as much time as we can.

Do your part!

I really appreciate the people in our clan that put up 100+ crowns for every clan chest. You guys, keep it up! We couldn’t open them without you. But, everyone needs to pitch in.

It takes 1600 crowns to open a clan chest. If the clan is full, that means each player needs to put in 32 crowns or 11 per day. If you’re not putting 11 crowns on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday then you’re NOT doing your part and someone else is taking up your slack. It’s just one crown more than opening your own Crown Chest every day, which you should be doing anyway!

Our minimum is currently 5 crowns. If you don’t add at least 5 crowns to every chest, you’re at risk of being demoted or kicked.

Pacing the Clan Chest

Our goal is open the chest by 7:00pm on Wednesday. I think this is a good spot because it gives everyone two full days and most of the third day to add crowns. It also leaves us with 5 hours to push if we’re falling a little behind.

Here’s some boring math for you.
12am Monday to 7pm Tuesday is 67 hours.
1600 crowns in 67 hours is 24 crowns per hour
With these numbers we can set some daily goals to keep ourselves on pace.

Day One Goal: 576 crowns by midnight Monday
Day Two Goal: 1152 (additional 576) crowns by midnight Tuesday
Day Three Goal: 1600 (additional 448) crowns

We know we can do this, there’s no pressure. Let’s maximize the payout by giving every single clan member a chance to get a Clan Chest every week.

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