Fortune Offers

Happy Chinese New Year! You have three new offers from Supercell. Let’s break them down and see where you get the most value for your money. 

Gold and Gem Pack Gem Value Retail Cost Offer Cost
Fistful of Gems 80 $.99 $.99
Bucket of Gold 500 $4.99 n/a
Total Value 580 $5.98 $.99
Gem Value / $1 Spent 97 586

The “Gold and Gem” pack is a no brainer, buy this now. Everyone needs gold and gems and this deal is 6x the retail value. It’s like buying a fistful of gems and getting 10,000 gold for free. Unless you’re a “Free to Play” purist, you should spend a buck on this one.

Magical Gem Pack Gem Value Retail Cost Offer Cost
Pouch of Gems 500 $4.99 $4.99
Magical Chest 800 $7.98 n/a
Total Value 1300 $12.97 $4.99
Gem Value / $1 Spent 100 261

Note: You cannot buy a chest with dollars, you have to buy gems first and then buy the chest with gems. I estimated the retail cost of the chest based on cost of the gems included in the same offer.

The “Magical Gem” pack offers you a free Magical Chest with the purchase of a Pouch of Gems at the regular retail price. This is almost 3x the retail value. Chests are a crap shoot. You may not get anything you can use but if would have bought the Gems anyway, you might as well grab this offer and get the free chest too.

Super Magical Gem pack Gem Value Retail Cost Offer Cost
Bucket of Gems 1200 $9.99 $9.99
Super Magical Chest 4600 $38.30 n/a
Total Value 5800 $48.29 $9.99
Gem Value / $1 Spent 120 581

The “Super Magical Gem” pack is going to give you a free Super Magical Chest with the purchase of a Bucket of Gems at the regular retail price. This is a little less than 5x the retail value. This is a much better value than the “Magical Gem” pack but it’s actually less value for your dollar than the “Gem and Gold” pack.

If you’re going to spend the money anyway, it makes sense to pick up all of these packages right now while they are discounted.

The Executioner Considerations
If you are buying an offer that includes chests, remember that they open automatically. The shop says these offers will be available for 5 days and the Executioner becomes available in 2 days.

If you want The Executioner, wait until he is released to buy the “Magical Gem” and “Super Magical Gem” packs.