Balance Changes Coming Monday (3/13)

No, the Royale Giant isn’t getting a nerf. Stop asking! But… a buff for the Executioner?

Executioner: Axe hit radius +10%
The Log: Damage -4%, Range to 11.1 (from 11.6)
Arrows: Projectile speed +33%
Clone: No longer resets charging troops (Princes, Sparky, etc.)
Lumberjack: Rage Duration +1.5sec and +0.5sec per level
Bomb Tower: Projectile speed +66%
Electro Wizard: No longer permanently stuns
Tornado: Can be placed on top of buildings

Supercell tries to explain each of these adjustments on their blog at and Reddit will rip it up on /r/clashroyale.

This is the only break down that really matters:
Orange Juice Gaming