Game Update Coming

I’ll update this post as more information becomes available so check back.

Cooperative Battle Mode / Clan Battle / Team Battle / 2v2
This is the new battle mode that was previewed last week on Radio Royale.

Officially, it’s official
Officially, it’s called “Clan Battle”
Officially, it will be here March 24th
Wanna watch some YouTubers play Clan Battle? NickatNyte has it.
Reddit is talking about it.

But wait! There’s more… 

Four New Cards

Bats – Common, 2 elixir,  arena 8, sort of like flying skeletons
Night Witch – Legendary, 4 elixir, arena 8, witch that summons bats
Heal Spell – Rare, 3 elixir, arena 10, opposite of poison
Bandit – Legendary, 3 elixir,  arena 9, strange prince-like charge attack, available 3/24

Bandit Challenge – Starts 3/17, Twelve wins gets you the Bandit early

Yeah, Reddit has opinions.
Orange Juice Gaming explains it all on YouTube.
His video also shows the Bandit inside of Bandit Challenge game play.

New Legendary Arena

The arena that you currently know as the Legendary Arena will become “Hog Mountain.” A new Legendary arena (Arena 11) will unlock at 3800 trophies.

New End Game!

No more being reset to 4000 trophies every two weeks.  Now a season lasts an entire month and there are nine tiers (Supercell calls them “Leagues”) that you can progress through. At the end of the month you get reset to bottom of your league.

Legendary trophies are shiny but Supercell has decided to give you LOOT at the end of every season instead. You’ll get a “draft chest” with rewards based on your league and you choose the cards you get draft style.

Confused? Let Orange Juice Gaming explain it all.
Want to be more confused? Try to follow the Reddit conversation on r/clashroyale, now in one handy MEGA-THREAD!