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You already know where to find the official Clash Royale website operated by Supercell. You know where Supercell’s Clash Royale Forums are too.  You’re probably a regular on r/ClashRoyale. So, let’s dive a little deeper into the Clash Royale sites on the web.

Stats Royale

Give Stats Royale your player tag from your profile in the game and it will give you back a ton of information. Truth is, a lot of it is scraped from your profile. It’s also probably not up to date unless you press the various reset buttons every time you come back to the site. BUT, you can see your total loss stats which lets you know your win rate. SPOILER ALERT, everyone’s win rate is a little better than 50%.  The most useful thing here is your chest cycle. See what’s coming next and how far away the big chests are. My next Super Magical Chest is 526 chests away.

Stats Royale also has features to identify popular cards and decks sorted by arena and game play mode. This is pretty helpful if you like to play the meta. They even have a dedicated section for the decks used in the Crown Championship Global Series.


STARFI.RE has a registration process that is a bit more complicated than Stats Royale but they can give you access to the pretty much the same information. BONUS, graphs! There’s a chest tracker here. Also some deck tools but without the arena and game mode sorting that Stats Royale offers.

STARFI.RE’s unique features center around community. There are chat options and user submitted deck guides.

Clash Stat

ClashStat is focused on stats at the clan level. It’s super useful for clan leaders who need to see individual player’s stats graphed over a period of time (two weeks). Top clans are indexed on the front page of the site if you just want to explore the features. New clans have to request to be added to the site’s update queue.

Clash Royale Deck Shop

Need a new deck? This site has the most extensive set of tools to help you find one. You don’t have to give it any of your CR account information, it doesn’t try to scrape your data for stats.  With Deck Checker, You manually tell it what cards are in your deck and its algorithm identifies the deck’s strengths, weaknesses and makes recommendations.  You can start fresh with the Deck Picker. Or, you can steal a deck from the top performing decks in the game.

Dr. Decks

This is similar to Deck Shop Pro. You tell it your trophy level and then a few cards that you want to include in your deck. The site’s “Suggester” fills in the rest of the deck for you. There are also charts for top decks and cards but they appear to use a voting mechanic rather than use and win rates in the game.

Clash Royale Arena

CR Arena is one of the longest running and most extensive Clash Royale Blog sites. There’s an overwhelming amount of information here. If you’ve got time to kill and you want to improve your game, you could do worse than spending a few hours reading Clash Royale Arena.