Squad Goals

What is it going to take to get on the US leaderboard?

For the last week, I’ve been tracking our clan score against the 200th position on the US clan leaderboard. I wanted to know if it was even possible for our group to make it onto that list. There is a lot of variation in both numbers, some days we’re getting closer and some days we’re falling behind. Currently, we are 6,488 trophies away from the top 200 and 863 trophies further away than we were a week ago. Is it possible to turn that around?


I’m not convinced that the top 200 is completely out of reach yet and I have a plan.

Step One: The trophy requirement for our clan should always be near the average for the entire clan. We need players coming in that move our numbers up. The clan trophy average the last time I checked was 1317 so I’ve set the requirement at 1200 (this setting is adjusted in multiples of 200).

You may have noticed that we don’t get a lot of new players requesting to join even at our old trophy requirement setting of 1000. That’s probably because players join a clan way back at Level 3. By the time they get to 1000 trophies, they’re usually locked in somewhere else.

Step Two: I’ve set up a second “North Carolina” clan with no trophy or invite requirements. This is our “Feeder” clan and the new entry point for lower level players. This is like having a little brother and we’re going to build a community there that is just as helpful, friendly and fun as ours. When a player comes up that we think is a good fit for the first clan, we’ll send that player an invite.

The Second Clan is #8LLC9UP

This new clan needs leadership! I don’t really want to lose anyone from the first clan, but if you tend to be above our average in donations and below our average in trophies you might be very valuable to the second clan. Also, if you’re able to set up a second account that one could be a candidate for co-leader in the new clan. Check out our current promotion requirements to see the kinds of attributes that we value in a co-leader.

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