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To see the future: Chest Tracking

Like most Clash Royale players I’m always curious as to what chests are coming my way. Yes, everyone knows that there’s a particular order that has long been discovered deep in the game code by members on Reddit. However this didn’t stop me from wondering if there was a way I could track what chest was next and when my next Giant or Magical chests were due. It was this curiosity that led me to believe that in this day and age, like everything else, there’s an app for that. Continue reading To see the future: Chest Tracking

Five Reasons to Friendly Battle!

Here’s the situation…

My chest slots are full. It will be six and a half more hours before one opens. I’ll have to wait sixteen more hours before I can start unlocking my crown chest again. And, I’m sitting at my all-time high trophy count.

There is almost no upside to hitting “battle” button right now. My trophy count is already at the upper limit for my current deck configuration. I’ll make no progress towards finding and upgrading cards. I should just take a break, go lay in a hammock and read a book. Continue reading Five Reasons to Friendly Battle!

Your Trophy Count and the “Clan Score”

Understanding  “Clan Score” can help you set personal goals.

In Clash Royale, clans are ranked by their Clan Trophies. This number appears at the top of the clan chat screen. Tap the “i” next to this score and you’ll see more clan stats and the same number referred to as “Clan Score.” Confusingly, Supercell also refers to this number as “Clan Points” in their support documentation. It doesn’t matter what you call it, but it does  help to understand how it is calculated. Continue reading Your Trophy Count and the “Clan Score”

Technicolor Clan Chat

How to use COLORS in clan chat

In your battles, you may have noticed some players with colored names. It was recently discovered that Clash Royale has some specialized markup that changes the color of the text. You should be very careful when using these color tags to change your player name. You can only change it one time and you could get stuck with an error. However, you can safely use these tags in clan chat. Continue reading Technicolor Clan Chat